I sit in this bright airy lively deli waiting for Tracy to join me for her interview. I notice the hip and cultural petroglyph style Hawaiian tattoo images splash painted across the wall symbolizing where we are and the culture that is based on this locally grown and raised healthy fresh cuisine.  The fun bottles of Maui made products that are also used in the dishes, dot the walls for customers to make their favorites at home. Lively conversations are taking place all around and people are smiling and relaxed as they await their turn. There seems to be a nice mix of local residents and tourists and all are being patient. Suddenly I hear a lot of greetings and I look up to see that Tracy has entered the room wearing, beige linen pants and a beautiful raw silk top with amazing patterning and colors. Rough cut but clear crystal jewelry finishes this bohemian look as she sits down looking refreshed and relaxed with a very clear look on her face.

“Have you ordered yet?” she asks. I state that I ordered a wonderful veggie fruit juice blend made of fresh grown guava, coconut and basil with a shot of kale and a drip of rose water. “Ahh yes”, she states, “that is one of our signature drinks. It is one of our best sellers and one of my faves and everything we make here is scratchmade .”

I ordered and decided to jump right into the interview with this fascinating woman who has built an empire and seemingly has come out of nowhere. She has literally put Maui on the map for the alternative medical complex she chairs and conceived, her deli is inspired and has brought what used to be health food for the far leftists to the masses as well as showing that supporting farm to table is not just a trend but a way of being. A large part of the proceeds goes to various organizations to help eradicate hunger, abuse, and ensure every child has a childhood. She is a leader, a speaker and is considered one of the freer thinkers of our time. I ask the question everyone has been dying to know. Where did you come from?

Her answer surprised and shocked me. “I was a chef for over 25 years and have always had a love affair with food. When I was 2 months pregnant, while working as a chef, I severely injured my back thus ending a career that I thought would last a lifetime. It opened a door for me that after I went through, I never looked back or regretted one bit and that was Network Marketing. The product helped my pain so significantly that I realized I had to help those in pain get out of pain. There is a negative stigma to this industry and it is just misconceptions. If you look closely, it is not a scam or scheme industry designed to part people with their money. It’s actually an avenue for people to own their own micro franchise for a modest cost and grow their potential but it has one large requirement that most people cannot meet. That is the fervent desire to change your life no matter what it takes without bringing harm to another person. This desire must be so strong that you are willing to do things that are uncomfortable, out of the zone, and be open to growing and learning. You must be willing to change your being to the core. I was such a person, being a single mom at the time with no “career” anymore and wanting to be at home with my son and I desperately needed a different outcome. The cliché of the single mom never sat well with me. I wanted to blow that stigma out of the water. It irritated me that we were looked upon as victims. I am not a victim. I am a fierce woman who can do and be and have whatever I wanted.  I took charge of my destiny by applying for a course to change my mindset that aided me in allowing all the good to flow into my life and give me the impetus to keep going. It’s called MKMMA! I always worked hard but I never believed I could achieve real prosperity and this course altered my subconscious outlook which adjusted my path and brought me into alignment with my real person. A leader and innovator.” “After 1.5 years of getting nowhere with my business and feel so frustrated at myself and the universe, I allowed the course to alter my conscious path which altered my subconscious path and develop new habits that altered my physical path. Then I started focusing on how I could give to those around me instead of worrying about what I wasn’t getting. This brought the right people and changed the attitudes of those around me in my business and we got to work. I hit my first milestone in January of 2017 when I finally had a working team and then again December 25, 2018 when I had a large team of people whose lives I was directly affecting toward change in the best possible way. I measured that by the volume of business they were producing and knowing that the income was flowing into their lives changing it for the better. See it isn’t about me receiving, it is about me giving and that snowball effect extending out so if we are all giving what a difference that makes!!”

Wow great attitude, how did all the other pieces come to be from that one small micro franchise?

“Well once I came into myself with the ideas of what I wanted to accomplish and bring forth into the world I leveraged my earnings by helping others achieve their dreams. I helped thousands alter their path to their version of success. This always yields higher returns so I took those and helped even more people by sharing the steering of the ship so to speak. I found those that had a similar vision as myself for the deli and the medical complex and masterminded the creation of both. I was so in tune with my own frequency, I even won the lottery which I then used to help fund these projects. The medical complex was always something that my mind toyed with but I never believed I could create and now we have this amazing center with the latest and most updated healing modalities and therapies. The jobs it has created and the people it helps with their health and mind is countless.  I am now in the process of creating the ultimate living community from the property I was able to buy through all our efforts. I still have my house which is my dream house of 4 bedrooms, office, 2 ohanas, pool, chicken coop, rescued pitbull dog and play area for my son, with the most amazing ocean views, and I still have my 3 bedroom log cabin overlooking the rockies and a running stream that we fish in plus living with my rescued husky/wolf pack in CO so we can visit my family there. It is a great escape for us and we love to play in the snow during the holidays. The community I am creating, which utilizes completely green energy, is totally self-sustainable and is being created on property I was lucky enough to purchase as it is next door to mine! The houses are made of organic materials which can stand up to a hurricane! The gardens on site feed each family and contributes to the deli. Hemp is also being grown for practical use and clothes. In fact, these pants are a product of that growth. There is a community center for the children to play and grow up together, there is a school room and space for events and parties. The best part is it is affordable and some of the spaces are specifically designed for single parents to help them get on their feet. The classes on parenting and self-discovery allow for the growth of each person and helps set them on their path plus they learn how to live sustainably. We have found ways of using even our own waste and garbage to create energy and fuel. It is the first of its kind and I am thrilled to birth this for the world to learn and share and mimic.”

I thought those pants were linen. They are made of hemp you grew? Amazing! So many ideas that you have, do you feel that you are done yet?”

“Not by a long shot. Through this process, I met my best friend and husband and we are on a mission together, along with our children, to alter the path of humans on this beautiful planet away from self-destruction and steer us towards a future where we are at one and in peace with our surroundings. We are in alignment with our source and with our world allowing humans and animals and plants to thrive thus balancing the creationism of how it all came to be. I truly feel enthusiastic about all we have done and continue to do. The pants are just the beginning. Want a pair?”

Yes, they are gorgeous and look so comfortable. I heard something about travel, is it true you and your son have traveled to every continent?

“Yes, it is true. We only live once that we can remember and I just love this planet so much, I wanted to see as much as possible before I pass so Taveren and I have and continue to spend at least 2 months a year traveling to see whatever we read about that we want to see. We have been to the plains and desert of Africa, to the ruins of Greece, the Andes,  Paris, Italy and will continue to see more. Last year, I finally got to see the butterflies in Mexico and we brought everyone in the village a pair of hemp shoes. I never go anywhere without bringing a gift and it was just perfect. They were so thrilled to receive since they are always giving. It was really special.”

Thank you for this delicious lunch which now knowing all that it is doing and supporting, seems to taste even better. I truly thank you for your time and candidness about where you came from and where you see yourself continuing to go. I wish I had the same vision as you and the belief that it is all possible.

“You do have that vision, everyone does. You just forgot. You have buried it under a pile of cement. Chip that junk away and let your true self fly. Be free with your thinking and reach for the better feeling thoughts. Do whatever you have to do to release yourself and follow your bliss. ““It was my pleasure to share. You were wonderful and asked just the right questions. Mahalo for your time as well. I hope someone reads this and decides here and now they are tired of living small and are ready to live large!! That, to me, is true success, being the example for helping someone else become free!!”