Week 21 – On A Roll

I had an experience during this week that kind of rocked me a bit and sent me into a state of fear. No need to go into detail but the timing was amazing. So still feeling nothing inside and robotically moving from project to project then blam this thing happens and stirs something in me that I hadn’t felt in years. I didn’t want to feel this and yet there it was. Terrifying!!! I hid, I covered, I numbed myself and went on with the business of being busy. Then I read this from Haanel:

The real secret of power is consciousness of power. The universal mind is unconditional therefore the more conscious we become of our unity with this mind, the less conscious we shall become of conditions and limitations, and as we become emancipated or freed from conditions, we come into a realization of the unconditional. WE HAVE BECOME FREE!!!

See what I meant about timing. Just what I needed to hear that I am in control of my conscious mind and I just needed to connect universally more which is infinite and  indivisible and powerful beyond measure.

Deep breaths and re examining the world within allowed me to let go of my fears and bring me back to a centered place of knowing. I began to start feeling a little bit again but not to the level I am used to so I just kept breathing. I take in Og and his suggestion of living each day as if it were my last. I bit morbid but what if it were. Am I where I want to be? Doing what I want to do? Living the life I truly desire? I have to say no so what is holding me back from that? I mean really, what is holding me back? Fear?

Haanel states that our ability to act upon this universal substance and what we think is what is created or produced on the objective world.The predominant thought or the mental attitude is the magnet and the law is that “like attracts like” is invariably what attracts such conditions as corresponds to its nature. The law of attraction. The actual root of Abraham teaching. Now I am getting to it.

From this science we learn that every thought creates an impression on the brain, that these impressions create mental tendencies and these tendencies create character, ability and purpose and that the combined action of character, ability and purpose determines the experiences with which we shall meet in life. Hello! It’s a magnet just as Abraham also always states. I can have the life I want by having my predominant thoughts be about that life. Abraham stated in a cd I was listening to recently that if someone tells you to start living in reality and stop dreaming about what is not really there, they wouldn’t listen because what is our “reality” but what has already been proven to be created based on our thoughts and dreams. They said, they would reach for the better feeling thought and bring the “reality” forward that you really want. Haanel says the same thing essentially when he states that the real battle of life is one of ideas. It is being fought out by the few against the many and on one side is the constructive creative thought. On the other is destructive and negative thought. The creative thought is dominated by an ideal and the passive thought is dominated by appearances. Same statement same teaching.

My takeaway is that the fear is keeping what I really want to bring forth away because I am not aligning with the universal thought and not allowing what I truly want to come forth. The fear is part of what others would say is more of a “realistic view” of how things are. Well I call it and say B^@$~^*t. I am working toward a dream and planning it out step by step. It will soon be my day to day and when that happens, I say I love you to all the naysayers and pray I can help them unplug.




Week 20 -Spirit In Myself

I could say I am catching up but that is not the case. I haven’t written in a bit because I honestly didn’t have anything to say. I just felt dead inside or not dead but an eery sense of nothing. I was in a state of busy and didn’t take the time for myself to think. I went from one thing to the next to the next. Then sleep and up to go back at it. I kept up with my readings but lost my zeal. I just don’t know what happened. My enthuuusiasm vanished and I became a robot. I couldn’t shake it. I went to Haanel. He states that thinking is the true business of life. If that is the case then could that be what is going on with our world? A sheer case of no time to think?

Haanel states that as long as you limit yourself to superficial conditions and make of yourself a beast of burden for those who do think, those who recognize their power, those who know that unless we are willing to think we shall have to work and the less we think the more we shall have to work and the less we shall get for our work.

Is it me or does this sound like how things are nowadays? We work and work barely getting ahead and we don’t have time to think for ourselves. We wake up, get the kids and ourselves ready for school then work all day then come home and homework, dinner then maybe a little mindless TV then bed only to awake and do it all over. We only get the weekends to live and somehow we are satisfied with this or not satisfied but settle and accept that this is just how things are. This is the program we have been shoved into and we accepted it. It isn’t anyone specific person or group who have done this to us so there blows that conspiracy theory. WE HAVE DONE THIS TO OURSELVES!!! We have allowed those that think to take away our time to think and we have given up our thoughts to work.

I take responsibility that I have allowed myself to be here and have fallen behind on the things that really matter to me to “take care of business”. Well no more!! I awoke yesterday renewed and rejuvenated. I meditated and thought. I heard a speaker that reminded me that we don’t have to live like this in our broken system and it is my job to help unplug people from this trap and set them free. It set me free and I am now ready to help you do the same.

Week 19 -Ethuuuuusiasm is Joy

This week my Franklin look out is for enthuuuusiasm. (I can’t even say that now without thinking of the way Mark says it.) What a joy to be on the lookout for people who are excited and upbeat. This seems to be a simpler task for me as I love enthusiasm whether it is about good or something I may not agree with. It is passion and that is one of the emotions that reminds us we are alive!!!

No webinar this week and that brings me a sense of relief as it gives me an opportunity to catch up and really delve into all we have been working on. I appreciate these breaks to reflect back and think about what I have accomplished and what I still want to do more work on.

Haanel’s lesson this week hit me in all the right ways. First, I was blown that they already knew the speed of light but floored that they didn’t yet realize the vastness of space and love that we are still growing and learning. Gives me hope for all we will accomplish in the future as a species and that my son is a part of that! I also loved his emphasis on contrast and change.

One of my favorite sayings is  “The only thing we can really depend upon is change. The only constant in life is change.” It makes such perfect sense as witnessed recently first hand by visiting an area that was recently devastated by mudslides and rain. I have been visiting this park for over a decade and to go and see how different it now looks with rocks in the river in all new formations and trees down and parts of structures gone. What a vivid reminder that things never stay the same and that is a good thing. To relish those changes instead of fearing them and wishing all would stay the same. Embracing the new and absorbing the different. That is the true joy of it all.

Also thinking of polarity. This one line just wowed me and gave me pause. “This same process is repeated in respect to every polarity, and as all form simply depends upon the rate of vibration and consequent relations of atoms to each other, if we wish to change the form of the manifestation we must change the polarity. This is the principle of causation.” Ah what? He just gave us the formula right there!!! Change the polarity of thought because all things that have been created have been created by thought. Concentrated thought. Get your thought to be in vibration with the manifestation by changing the polarity of the atoms so they connect or repel. Hence why it has been proven we live in a thought based reality and how that transforms into the physical. Tying it all together!

That is why we have schools and universities, to create mental powerhouses of thought!!! I have always been inspired by all that we have managed to figure out and create. I am one of those beings that is in awe of televisions and radios and computers and cars and airplanes and the discovery of black holes and sliced bread and even bread itself. I marvel at how we have managed to figure out how to build and create and perfect and pursue until it becomes what we wish. It is just is a testament to what can happen when you mastermind and put all these minds together in a learning think tank and let them flourish. If all of this is from non super human beings then why not me? Why can’t I create my little piece of the pie. What will happen if I change my polarity and concentrate my thoughts on the life I want? Change!!!!

Think of it like this, if Ruth hadn’t thought to put little chunks of chocolate in her cookies in 1936 to change them up from the butterscotch nutties then we wouldn’t have chocolate chip cookies. Now that is one thought that I am happy made a great change!!

Week 18 – Fast Paced Life

My life seems to be moving at warp speed these days!! There just never seems to be enough time in a day to do all the things I want but I can tell you every morning when I wake up, the first thing brain and hands reach for is GS and I automatically recite my DMP and Blueprint builder while stretching. They go hand in hand. During the day, I start chanting my phrases almost without thinking about it and they make me feel so much better! While I am cleaning or folding laundry, I will just start saying “I am whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy” and it feels so sweet.

I truly appreciate so much more these days and notice them I think. A kind word or gesture and offering fills me with joy as never before. I am changing and I like it! 

Haanel’s lesson this week was challenging as my brain didn’t start to absorb what he was saying until the 4th or 5th time I read through it. Then as I began to make full sense and assimilate his words, phrases became so much more clear. 

Like in #13. ‘The individual is simply the means by which the universal produces the various combinations which result in the formation of phenomena, which depends upon the law of vibration whereby various rates of motion in the primary substance form new substances only in certain exact numerical ratios.’  

This statement reminded me of something that Abraham always says which is that you can have your vibrational escrow tuned into 97.5 and if you are tuned into 102.7, you are not on the same wavelength or frequency with what you are manifesting. This was never more clear to me than now and it is not about just thinking about what you envision your life to be in a whimsical wouldn’t it be nice sort of a way but a concentrated thought and feeling of ‘I am here and this is now” feeling that puts you on the same frequency because what you are wanting to manifest doesn’t have the intelligence to meet you on your frequency but we have the intelligence because of our ability of concentrated thought to match it by knowing it is here and now and allowing that joy to fill us up and pervade our being.

The part of the statement that we are just the means by which the universal uses to produce phenomena  but only if we match the frequency and that produces even more but only in exact numerical ratios gets me thinking that this is the explanation of why coincidence is never just coincidence. 

This week was looking out for courage and I have to say that my favorite example of that was watching my 6 year old bravely ride his pedal bike up and down on the pump track and around the obstacle course at the local forest bike trails. When I stood at the top of the track and looked down, it was a scary straight hill down about 10 feet. When your 3 and a half feet high, that is big and he looked scared but then he took a deep breath and went for it. He had such a good time, he went around that track at least 25 times more even after falling a few times. He was so full of courage and I thought to myself, if he can do that then I can do the things that scare me and I made the decision right then and there to leave my comfort zone and I have!!! 

Week 17 – It’s Happening and I Am Ready!!!

Last week my life was moving forward and coming together. It made me nervous and I was questioning whether I was ready. Well I question no more, I am ready!! Bring it on!! I feel so complete and at peace. The cards really help me realize that I have accomplished a lot in my life and there is much more to be done. Og is right, I was conceived in love and brought forth with a purpose and why should that miracle that produced me end with my birth? I have never pondered this before. Why should it? Why focus on the small things when I can accomplish so much more! No more small for me, I am living large!!!

I love Hannel’s focus lessons. If you wish to eliminate fear, focus on courage. If you wish to eliminate lack, focus on abundance. Reach for the better feeling thought. Focus on what you want and not on what you don’t have. Concentrate on the positive and not on the negative flip side of it. ALways concentrate on the ideal as an already existing fact. this the the germ cell, the life principle which goes forth and sets in motion the causes which guide, direct and bring about the necessary relation, which eventually manifest in form.

Focus on the good as if you already have it and it will become and be. This is starting to feel effortless instead of struggle. Good and good!

This week we were looking for kindness. What a wonderful thing to look for!! It was everywhere!! Imagine if the news were all about the kind things happening in the world or if the commercials were filled with kindness or if movies were based on people being kind to one another? The world would be so different. Nice to dream about.

My favorite instance was when I posted about a friend who has cancer and another friend, who doesn’t know her or has ever even heard of her, helped her just because I asked. That is kindness in true form. So grateful to have wonderful people like that in my life. Another amazing instance is when one of my team members called me and said “I am one of your rocks. I am here and let’s do this together.” It made me feel so amazed and appreciative that she wanted to ride this coaster with me. She chose me!! Heart swelling. This last instance I want to mention didn’t happen this week but it just deserves to be shared. This one really blew me away!!

My son and I were at the arcade and you can win prizes based on the amount of tickets you earn by winning games. He really wanted this space gun. I mean really wanted this space gun. I am not in favor of guns at all and refuse to buy him one so he knows he has to either buy it for himself or win it. Well there was a group of young boys standing near us. They were about 13-14 years old and they were deciding what they wanted and they overheard our conversation. That would not have been hard to do as  All of a sudden one of them turns around and hands my 5 year old the space gun. HE USED HIS OWN TICKETS TO GET MY SON WHAT HE WANTED INSTEAD OF GETTING ANYTHING FOR HIMSELF!!! He simply said “Here you go”. I was floored and asked “Why did you get him that?” His answer? “I felt like being generous today”. So simple and pure. It was just the most amazing thing to see. My son was so ecstatic. Reese, that was the boy’s name, took pictures with us and I kept praising him for his sacrifice. Such special things that happen in life. He probably doesn’t realize how much he affected me or my son and how much my son loves that gun (ugh) but it sure is nice to know kindness is actually everywhere at any age. Just look and you’ll see.



Week 16 – Whoa, it’s happening!!! Am I ready?

Wow, what a week. I have been looking for what I view as organization and it has been a bit few and far. I have seen lots of disorganization and so I am keeping my eyes open. Then lo and behold, I realized the  biggest organization I have seen is my life coming together in a perfect harmony. It is truly amazing to watch and be a part of. My business, which is a network marketing business, is attracting the right people. My schedule seems to just be opening when it should and keeping me busy in the right direction. I am losing weight and it is all coming together. My confidence is up and my feeling that life is great is not just for show but an actual feeling of well being that pervades my being. For the first time I think ever, I really believe I can have my life follow the direction I want and I am not afraid it is all going to fall apart. Such a freeing feeling.

In week 16 in Haanel’s reading, he has a couple of statements that made me literally sit up and take notice. Like in #12

‘Thought is the plastic material with which we build images of our growing conception of life. Use determines its existence.’ The thought is the thing that precedes but without conscious use, it doesn’t exist. We have to use our thoughts as the vehicle to create our ideal. Brilliant. All these things he writes and I keep reminding myself he was writing this in the 1920’s. So insightful, it blows me away!!

Like also in #17. ‘Therefore, to control thought is to control circumstances, conditions, environment, and destiny.’ Now that is power. To be able to control all of this in our reality is so powerful and it is stated from a control of thought. I have been practicing that. Every time I have a thought that comes from fear, I substitute it for a better feeling thought. I am so appreciative of all of my Abraham studies now because they are one and the same. It all make so much sense now and I feel better moving in that direction. Who wants to think of it all falling apart or terrible things happening? That doesn’t feel good so I flip the script and change the direction of the thought. This falls in line with what he says in # 21,22 and 23. If the thought is destructive, it dies. It brings sickness, disease (dis ease) and every other form of discord but if it is constructive, it possesses vitality, it has life. It will grow and develop and expand. It will be creative and attract to itself everything necessary for its complete development. I know which one I am choosing. What about you?


Week 14 – Football is going to help me?

We are supposed to watch a movie? Now we are talking! I love movies!!! As I looked over the list of movies I was distressed because some of them were unavailable to even watch and some I had to buy the movie to watch. There were 3 that made the cut of being able to rent.

Cool Runnings was one. I have watched this movie at least 3 times before but always found it hard to get past the cheesy take on the accents and stereotypical Jamaican image. I loved what the movie represented however hence the 3 watches.

There was also October Sky which I vaguely remember hearing about but never watched. In 1999 I was fully devoted to business and experiencing a very different lifestyle that didn’t involve movies or much television so that one passed me by.

The last was Rudy. I never heard of this movie nor had I seen it as I am not in anyway a football fan. I find the sport brutal and a bit weird to be honest. I appreciate the amount of skill it takes to run and navigate through a wall of large men. I admire the fortitude of how much devotion to building up one’s body and maintaining that. I still cannot see myself sitting to watch a group of men, only, run into each other and expend so much energy to get that little ball to the end of the field.

I had these choices and since I was to be watching with my son, I let him decide positive he would decide on the space one (October Sky)(which is the one I really wanted to see) but no, he had a different idea in mind. Since he knows mom’s feelings about football he decided on Rudy just to be a stinker. I conceded and rented it begrudgingly.

I was really surprised by this movie as I really did learn a lot from it. Seeing Rudy have that complete faith that he would go to Notre Dame and be an Irish no matter what anyone said to him was inspiring. His definite major purpose was to be an Irish. His brother and his dad were like several people I know and he just made me so frustrated for him but I loved how Rudy just basically ignored him. His friend Peter was a shining light and just poured his belief into him. Peter also stood up to Frank for Rudy as pointless as that was just because someone needed to show the belief. When Peter passed, it was so sad I teared as I felt that now Rudy had no one in his corner but did that stop him, NO!! He made a decision right then and there that he was going to honor himself and the belief that Peter had in him and went right to where he needed to go – Notre Dame. By asking for help, he came up with a Plan Of Action. Go to community school, overcome his dyslexia (which he didn’t even realize he had) and go to Notre Dame then try out for the Irish and get on that team!!!

When Rudy got into the Holy Cross and was living who knows where and eating who knows what. It would’ve been so easy to give up and go home at that point but he didn’t. He didn’t have anyone for support, he didn’t have any idea if all this effort was going to pay off or not. He just charged forward on faith and a dream. There was a lot of work to do but he met D-Bob who helped him pass the courses in exchange for introductions to women (which led him to meeting the woman whom he ended up being with so win win there) The whole time, Rudy had a burning desire that bordered on obsession that irritated all those around him. Even the school janitor was annoyed and secretly admiring his tenacity to his dreams. Then the unthinkable happened, he didn’t make it. He failed to gain entry to Notre Dame. Did he give up then? No he went for it again and just clawed at his dream. I can only imagine the humiliation of having to call home and tell his family that he didn’t make it and have to listen to their “I told you so’s”  Ugh! Still he forged forward and gave it his all for one last shot. He didn’t party or lose focus or waste time whining, no he forged forward almost stupidly (some would think) to his goal.

HE MADE IT!!! I was so happy for him. Elated that he got to go home and tell his family but was it time to relax? He still had to make the team so being a shrimp trying out for the football team filled with giants, he continued to work relentlessly to become strong and go for the team and what did he get? A back up position where he was used as a rag doll to help the “frontline” players on the team. Did that disappoint him? Nope! He put all of himself into that position and allowed them to literally beat him up ( why I don’t like the game so much but I digress). The whole team was so annoyed with him that he never backed down. He even got angry when the huge players took it easy on him and again his teammates were so darn annoyed by him. Just stop and be like everyone else they would say. He wasn’t like everyone else. He had a vision and was so proud and appreciative to be able to participate, he just kept at it.

Then the biggest disappointment of all occurred. After being promised a chance to dress and be recognized as a team player got snatched, he decided to give up. What??!!! After all that, it was the final straw for him so he decided to walk. The speech that kicked his butt back into the right mindset still runs through my head. Gotta love the tough love speeches. It came from the Janitor of all people who you find out was a former star that did give up. Lesson learned and now teaching to others. Love that!! After being denied and making peace, the rest of his team took a stand and said no way Jose, confronted the coach which still didn’t move him until the entire stadium started chanting “Rudy” and he was shamed into giving this player his dues. HE GOT HIS CHANCE!!! Family there (even Frank was cheering) and all the people that were his biggest obstacles became his cheerleaders. The team put him on their shoulders and carried him off. According to the afterstory, they have never done that since. Powerful!!!

I just loved his perseverance and it made me realize that if you are not full throttle then what are you? What is the point of half-you know what? It definitely showed me through an unusual source (football) what it looks like to be able to accomplish what you desire and work through all the obstacles and mental blocks. Lessons learned!!


Week 15 – The Mind Shift Occurs

As I was speaking to my friend at my son’s birthday party after she observed my son’s father, wife and family attending, I, all of a sudden had this overwhelming feeling of empowerment. i

I realized this when, after she stated I should be canonized for being so gracious after all he has put me through, I only saw my big beautiful future and honestly just did not care about him or the “stuff” from the past. I am so positive that my life is awesome and getting better and better that I was able to let it all go!!! I truly felt that whatever he did with himself and family was just up to him and didn’t involve me anymore. If he chose to live large and correct, great. If not, that was not my concern. It was the most freeing feeling and I became so joyous and elated to not be bogged down by that feeling that I somehow deserved to be just disregarded and disrespected. I just knew myself and my son would be better than ok no matter how he acted. I felt large. I felt peace. I felt whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy all at once. It was the most comfortable in my own skin I have felt in a very long time.

The very next day, I was speaking with another friend about my over anxious neighbors across the street from my house. They come out screaming obscenities to anyone that parks in front of their house. This always horrified me and caused me anxiety whenever anyone came to my house lest they accidentally forget and park across the street and then I have to deal with their outbursts and terrible behaviour. Well this day, I said to my friend, who was one of the unfortunates who dealt first hand with this, that where I was headed was grand and big and they were still going to be sitting in their house feeling terrible enough to behave like rude children. I almost felt sad for them because they must not be happy people and life is too short to not be happy. Their attitudes seemed like such a small thing to even think about considering the plans of what I am accomplishing. After stating this, my friend agreed and started speaking about all she wanted to be, do and have. We spoke about all we wanted to create and bring in. The whole energy she spoke with shifted and I felt happy to be responsible for that. It is just good is all and I say, let it come, let it in!!!

Week 13 – Wagon Wheel Tumbled Off

This week I have found myself saying beef stroganoff quite a bit. I can regale you with tales of how busy I was executing my son’s Christmas party for school, business, job, and baking cranberry/pecan breads plus gingerbread men plus sugar cookies plus lilikoi bars but it is just beef stroganoff. Then, after listening again to the webinar from Sunday, it hit me smack upside the head again. It is so much easier for me to do for others than myself. I am constantly putting others needs before my own, still. If I want to change my life, I have to change and in order for me to do that, I must put my needs first and do my exercises NO MATTER WHAT!!! I have done most but not all and a little thing slides here and a little thing slides there and then, Mark is right, you don’t feel so good. Well the wagon wheel tumbled off but here I am with my jack and wrench putting it right back on. Weeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Every night my son and I used to recount 5 things we are grateful for from the day. I had fallen out of that ‘habit’ and now am grateful to bring it back in via the cards and also to have my son participate as well. It really helped us to see what blessings we have in our life and reminded us of just how wonderful everything really is so I am excited for us to feel that again. So grateful to feel grateful. How funny!

This week the word persistence really hit home for me. Not only from Og which reminded me of my old vision of myself as a wolf looking at the sheep in the pen and not wanting to eat them but wanting them to come out and play and they couldn’t (I had that vision in my teens). But also with the stories from Sarah and Luke. I have no intention of stopping but how much effort do I want to dig in with for the remainder of the course? Not only with the course but with my business and life in general. I decided as we have all heard so many times before, I am in it to win it and win it I shall!!!

Week 12 – Whirlwind

The holidays are closing in and there are people that are making excuses as to why  they can stop. I’m talking about those that stop doing and moving toward their goals. I am hearing it with my business and seeing it with the people around me, not those in the course but those in my day to day life. I found myself one morning telling myself, we don’t have to get up early today to do our readings, lets just stay in bed and daydream. I caught it and forced myself out of bed and picked up my book and immediately felt better. Why do we do these things to ourselves? Peptides? Leaving the “comfort zone of chemicals”? I don’t know but I for one am not going to fall prey. I am a wolf after all!!!

Making a list of all the things that I have accomplished in life was fun and it reminded me of all the things I have actually done and finished. It was refreshing to not beat myself up for not getting it all done for a change. The exercises are now a part of my routine and I am enjoying them. I still am working on getting my blog up on time every week but I do think about what I am going to write and get it done!! This one is short but sweet. Mahalo to you for reading.