A mom on her own living on Maui conjures up images and perceptions. My journey is to fulfill my own perceptions and thoughts about the life I want for myself and my son and start the manifestation of living the life in the physical world instead of the thought world. This is my path to self discovery and how I made that happen!

As a chef for over 25 years, I was always defined by my job and my art. I love to cook and I am an admitted workaholic. Then the unthinkable happened while I was working as an executive chef at a restaurant with hopes of moving to the mainland and having my own business again (I had a very successful catering business here on Maui until politics crushed it) but that all changed. I became pregnant and the father decided on a different path. Then I injured myself and my whole world fell down.

I had a choice. I could wallow and become bitter and angry and bathe the¬†child I was creating in these poisonous emotions or I could heal, grow, love and change. I decided to be the bigger person and become the latter. I forgave, loved and became a mom. My son is my biggest blessing and even though I lost my career, in the capacity I was working it, to my injury, I decided to create a new reality. One in which I am able to be focused on my child’s life by having a business that allows for that. I have always been the idea girl and now it is time for me to bring these ideas to the world to help make it a better place for my child and everyone else’s.